Special Service Requests


You may request special meals if you have a particular diet requirement. Here are some special meals and their codes. Please note that not all of these meals are available on every airline.

Meal Code


AVML Asian Vegetarian Meal. Indian vegetarian meal that does not contain Egg but may contain Milk products.
HNML Hindu Meal. Indian meal that generally comes with Chicken but sometimes with fish or lamb
MOML Muslim Meal. Quite a few airlines serve Halal meat in a Muslim meal but it always good to call the airline if you are strict about this requirement.
CHML Child Meal. Food served depends on the airline. Check airline web site.
VGML Vegetarian Vegan Meal
LSML Low Salt Meal
SFML Sea Food Meal
KSML Kosher Meal

If you or your child have any Nut and other allergies, please call the airline to find out what meals they serve in such cases.


If the airline offers free seating, we will make every effort to book your seats as soon as you buy the tickets. If the airline charges for pre seating then you can go online to the airline web site and do the seating yourself. Almost all airlines allow free seating 24 hours before departure time.


If a passenger cannot walk for long distances, we can request Wheel Chair for them. It is a free service offered by the airport.


If you are a frequent flier on one of the airlines in the itinerary or one of the airlines in the itinerary is a member airline in your mileage program, we encourage to give us our mileage number so that we can add it into the reservation.


Basinet is a small basket that can be fitted to the wall in front a Bulkhead row seat in an aircraft. A Bulk Head Row is a row in the aircraft where there are no seats in the front and instead there is a plain wall. Basinets are for small infants who are generally less than a year old. If you are a mother with a months’ old infant, this is something you should request. We can help you with this.