Before You Fly!

Here is a checklist for things to do before you Fly.

Check the validity of Passports and Visas. Some countries want a passport that has 6-month validity from the date of travel. If your passport or visa has expired, please get them renewed.

Check for schedule changes. Before you begin your onward or return trip please check with us or log into your booking at the airline web site or contact or the airline at least 72 hours before departure time and check if the flight scheduled timings have changed.

Follow Baggage Allowances mandated by your airline. Try and stick to the baggage allowances given by the airline. Check them here!

Choose your seats. If the airline allows free seating, please do so as soon as you buy the ticket. Your customer support person at Balaji Travel can do this for you. If the airline does not allow pre-seating, then you can either pay for the seats or for most airlines you can choose your seats for no charge 24 hours before the journey or when you do online check-In. Some airlines allow you to choose before 48 hours, please consult your customer support person at Balaji Travel for your specific airline

Make your Special Service Requests. If the passenger needs a special Meal or a Wheelchair, you need to let us know at the time of purchase so that we can request for you. See the Special Service Requests section in out FAQs Menu.

Be on time. Make sure you arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your departure time. For international departure, the airline will close the Check-In counter one hour before the departure time. A lot of passengers are unaware of this practice and assume they can check in one hour before. Even if you are connecting to an international carrier via a domestic carrier please make sure you are two to three hours ahead of the departure time as you may not realize how many people will be ahead of you in the Check-in lane.

Transit Visa. If your trip includes a transit in Europe you may have to obtain a transit visa if you do not fall into one of the following categories.

These passengers do not need a transit Visa.

  1. US Citizens
  2. Green Card Holders
  3. Citizens of countries that do not need to obtain any transit Visa in Europe like citizens of European countries.
  4. Indian Passport holders who have a valid visa to the USA already stamped on their passport. The Visa can be of any type, student, H1B, H4, L1, R1 or Visitor visa like B1/B2.

The transit visa is required even if your stay is only for an hour or so and you do not go out of the airport or aircraft. You may follow up with the respective consular offices of transiting countries for more information.

Please note that we are not the proper authority to comment on specific visa requirements of any specific country and will not be held liable for any advice given.