Why Balaji Travel?

Here are some compelling reasons to buy from us.


20 YEARS and counting, that is how long we have been providing valuable inputs to our customers covering topics like connection times, multi-city itineraries, cancellations, special service requests and more.


Most of our consolidated fares are Refundable with a certain amount of penalty, so you do not lose the entire purchase amount and you can cancel for any reason, we won’t even ask you for a reason.

Wholesale Fares

We have special fares and discounts that are not available for the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

Free 24 hour cancellation

We do not charge anything if you cancel your airline booking within 24 hours of purchase.

Customer service

We offer a good after-sales support and help you with any of your requests, which is why, we have thousands of satisfied customers.

Services We Offer

Group Bookings

We can do group bookings (min. 10 passengers), family bookings where different members of the family travel at the same or different times or destinations or any other complex combinations that you cannot do online.

Vacations Packages

We are authorized partners for various vacation package and tour companies. We can give you a Stop Over package in Delhi, Dubai, and many other cities.                                                                                                                           

Corporate Travel

For small and mid size corporations, the employees will get all the benefits mentioned above at no cost to the corporation. Please read the testimonial of one of our existing corporate customers below.

Emergency Travel

Family emergencies are unfortunate but they do  happen. We have helped so many families by giving them travel options that get them to India as quickly as possible.                                                                                           

Our Happy Customers