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Send Payment to BTN :

For payments that are made in the USA:

Payment by Check:  Checks may be made payable to “Balaji Travel Network” and mailed to Balaji Travel Network
814 Park Ave, Lake Villa, IL 60046.

Payment by Credit Card:  Credit Card payments are acceptable for certain airlines. For airlines that do not accept credit cards, check or cashier’s check is the only mode of payment. For credit card payments customers have to fill in an authorization form, sign and date the form and mail the originals to us. Customers also need to mail photocopies of front and back of their credit card and their valid driver’s license.

Payment by Cash: Payment by Cash is welcome. For address of our USA office please go to Contacts page.

For Payments that are made in India: At the present, all transactions in India are on Cash and Carry basis only. If the passenger wants to pay by check, they may send a check or Demand Draft payable to Balaji Travel Network and send it to the address listed in the Contact Us page. Please be aware that in case of checks we will not be able to issue the tickets until the check clears in our bank.

Get a quote

This part of the web site is under construction.

For the moment please call us at 847-265-5448
Renew my passport:

For getting a new passport or renewing an Indian Passport, please visit the following web site.


For getting new passport or renewing an existing US passport, please visit

Get Visa

For travel FROM INDIA, we do offer visa services to some countries. Please contact our India office at (040) 30225448 or (040) 30225447 for more information.

For obtaining a visa to visit India, please visit http://www.indianembassy.org/embassy/cgi.htm

For obtaining a visa to visit the United States of America, please visit http://usembassy.state.gov/

Given below are a few useful links to different consulates for some countries for obtaining visa for visiting those countries.

Britain: www.britainusa.com

All countries: www.embassyworld.com
Find Baggage Allowances

For international travel from US to India, most airlines allow 2 Checked-In Bags each weighing no more than 50 pounds or 23Kilos each and one carry on bag.  The actual allowances vary from airline to airline.

Children generally have the same baggage limitations as adults. For Infants again different airlines allow different limits.

For more specific requirements for your international carrier, please refer to the individual airline websites.

Contact the Airline

Given below are some useful links for getting information on individual airline companies.

Find child/infant fare

A person is considered child if he or she is between the ages of 2 and 11.
Generally a child pays 75% - 80% of adult fare depending on the airline. A child pays the same amount of tax as that of an adult.

Infant: A person is considered Infant if he or she is below the age of 2.
Infants pay 10-20% of adult net fare (adult fare that is quoted to you) or adult published fare (airline published fare which is generally higher than travel agent quoted fare). Rules for each airline vary slightly. In addition infants may be charged $20 dollars surcharge for tickets issued in the USA. Infant taxes are just a little bit lower than comparable adult tax.

Extend my stay

For date changes from USA please contact us at 847-265-5448.

For date changes from India please call us at 040-30225448 or 93470-33919 during regular working hours
(USA 9AM to 6PM CST and INDIA 9AM to 6PM IST)
Change my travel date

A normal ticket (also called Apex ticket) is valid for 4 months. An excursion ticket is generally valid for 6 months. Most airlines do not allow for an extension beyond these periods. Some do with a penalty which may be found by contacting the airline directly. Airlines sometimes offer special sale fares and for these tickets maximum stay requirements may be different from the regular tickets.

Customers may extend their stay within the ticket validity in the destination country after paying a penalty to the airline. The amount of penalty varies depending on the airline. You may contact the airline’s regional office for the specific charges or contact us.

DEPARTURE DATE: For most airlines the ticket has to be cancelled and reissued with the new date(s). A cancellation charge will apply. In addition to the cancellation charge customers will have to pay the fare difference for the new set of dates. If the new fares are lower they may be credited for the difference. For more specific information please contact us.
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